Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OMG She's Fast!

I have to keep this brief because I'm swamped at school today, but we had a very exciting long weekend. Lets start with the big news, Ella is walking! She has to hold onto her little walker toy, but the girl moves & she moves FAST

she moves so fast the picture is a bit blurry!
I am going to have my hands full this summer. I figure we'll just immediately baby proof the house as we move in. My birthday gift this year will probably be a huge baby gate to shut off the the dining room from the living room - aka the carpet from the hardwood. 

We spent time with all of the grandparents this weekend, which basically means we ate like kings. There was a ton of deliciousness to be found at all three houses. Brownies, banana split cake, bbq chicken... you get my  drift. Yum.

Ella isn't sure what to think about grapes yet... 

Because I was eating all of this delicious food, I made sure to get a run in every day. I have to run at the track when I'm home because we don't have any sidewalks. It's so annoying, but at least my sister went with me to keep me company. She's just starting to run & I was very proud of her for sticking it out with me for my entire run.

here she is coming down the straightaway... 

Ella loved Memorial Day & got very into the festivities. Here is her outfit from her grandma. I absolutely loved it & wish I could dress her up with matching headbands every day!

Here are a few other random pictures from our adventures...

posing together on the front yard

her face cracks me up in this picture!

walking with her Uncle Kevin

posing with her Aunt Brittany

trying to get into her grandma's wallet

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  1. She's gonna be running next to you in no time :)