Thursday, May 9, 2013

OMG... I Wore That?

No, this post isn't about my middle school wardrobe. I burned those pictures long ago. Rather, it's about my wardrobe from only 2 years ago. A wardrobe that was definitely appropriate for an engaged, 23 year old on summer vacation. A wardrobe that is still present in my closet today. A wardrobe that is being carefully reexamined as I figure out exactly what is appropriate to wear now that I am a mother. 

Let's be clear here... I am not talking about bandage dresses, v-neck halter tops, or string bikinis. I have never been comfortable in those items, and I've never owned them. I'm talking about perfectly normal shorts from the Gap that suddenly feel VERY short. 

You see, I've got a lot going on in our storage room right now. I'm packing away winter clothes for the move. I'm getting out summer clothes to wear. Oh, and I have a huge stack of maternity clothes that I don't know what to do with. (Do I want to have another baby? Ugh... that's another post.) I'm trying to sort through it all and that means trying a lot of stuff on. 

I sorted through the tanks and the dresses with no problem. Then, I got to the shorts. Now keep in mind, I am at the smallest size I've ever been in my life. This isn't a matter of them being too small, it's a matter of them being too short. For instance, I put on the shorts seen in the picture below, and legitimately felt like my booty was hanging out of them. 

See... they look totally fine in this picture! 

I though, ok it's just one pair of shorts. But then I put on this pair of shorts...

Again, they don't look skanky here!
OMG?! What was my ass hanging out for 5 years of my life and mom never said anything? So, I decided to ask my mom about it. She informed me that, yes, they were short but I looked cute and at the time, I felt perfectly comfortable in them. There was no need to say anything, because it wasn't a problem. She seems to think it's all about an adjustment in my self-perception.  

My mom is very smart. I don't see myself the same way that I did two years ago. I'm a mom... to a daughter. A daughter that I need to set an example for. So that means I no longer feel comfortable in Daisy Dukes and that I cover up my chest 90% of the time (I've reserved 10% for special occasions)... I'm o.k. with that. 

Life is all about evolution... and luckily, so is style. 


  1. haha ... that is funny. One other consideration is that with a little one you spend more time bent over and hunched and squatting ... I know for my wife it changed her attire.

    Also, regarding having another baby - will you WANT to wear the same stuff? Our boys are 17 months apart and my wife wanted new clothes for the second one (much of the original stuff was worn out, and that belly seemed to catch everything, leaving stains and requiring loads of washing).

    But yeah, funny how life changes you. I am the thinnest and in the best shape of my life ... but in my late 40s I am certainly not making the fashion choices of a young guy (I certainly don't want to be THAT guy!).

  2. I'm right there with you. Shorts that I wore just last year seem a little too short to me now. I don't blame us (as consumers) though...It seems as if "short" shorts are the only ones that stores are selling these days!

  3. I really loved this post. I don't have any children and I suddenly feel like my daisy dukes just aren't appropriate anymore. I think it's more an age thing than anything. But then again, I really don't think either of the above pictures look like they are too short! And I know it is NONE of my business but maybe consider giving little Ella a sibling. I don't know what my life would be like without mine and I'm so glad I have them. Plus, you know you make cute babies! <-The complete and honest truth.