Friday, May 31, 2013

My Favorite Things from May

Ummm... does anyone know where May went?! I really have no idea how it went so quickly. That's typical though. When you work in a school, May is always a blur of review, testing, and cranky, hot, unmotivated children. Then outside of school there are festivals, holidays, and nice weather to keep you distracted. Here are some highlights from the month! 

Running the Lilac 10K

I ran my first 10K and absolutely loved it! It was especially awesome because I ran the whole thing with one of my best friends from high school. Running with friends is the best. 

Purchasing My Purple Pants!   

I LOVE these pants. They're so lightweight & comfy. I can wear them on a 90 degree day and still be as cool as a cucumber (Side note: does anyone know where that phrase comes from?) They go perfectly with flip flops or boat shoes. You can dress them up, or you can dress them down. They're amazing! I've even convinced three of my co-workers & my mom to buy these pants. Seriously, they're awesome!

My First Mother's Day!

I didn't get a huge gift for my first mother's day, but what I did get was so perfect that I can't imagine getting anything else. Ella made me a flower pot with her little handprint on it & it's so precious. It's proudly displayed atop the microwave at our current house, but I plan to find an extra special place for it in the new house! 

Making My Birthday Wishlist!

A few days ago, my mom e-mailed me & asked me to put together a wishlist for my birthday! I went through & picked out about 10 things that I liked and then emailed the links for her to choose what she wanted to buy me. This is standard procedure for all holidays in the Bliss family, and is honestly just as exciting as actually opening the gift. My ultimate gift would be the Michael Kors Tote pictured above, but that probably is a long shot. I'll more likely end up with some new running gear and J.Crew jeans - you never know though! (I'll be posting my birthday wishlist next week so you can see all of my wishes!) 

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  1. Here from Olive and Ivy! Love those pants!

  2. "As cool as a cucumber" actually is about staying Calm and unruffled, NOT about temperature.

    Cool here means imperturbable rather than having a low temperature. Cucumbers are cool to the touch.

    First recorded in John Gay's Poems, New Song on New Similies, 1732:

    "I ... cool as a cucumber could see The rest of womankind."

  3. Oooh, purple pants? I love them! Thanks for sharing :)