Monday, May 20, 2013

Ella's Hot Date, My First 10K, & Shopping with Grandma Nancy

This weekend was BUSY! But not busy in an overwhelming way, just busy in an awesome way. It was basically Ella & I at home all weekend, because Eric had plans with his college roommates Friday night (into Saturday morning...) and then was golfing with his dad & brother on Sunday. I think I saw him for a collective 8 hours all weekend, but that's ok because he doesn't get to take a whole lot of time for himself these days & I was doing exactly what I wanted to do with Ella by my side.

Ella's Hot Date:

On Saturday we met up with my best friend, whose son just happens to be Ella's boyfriend. She had a ton of gift cards from her birthday that she wanted to use up, so we hit the mall. She was looking for wedges, and I was looking for tops. We both got what we were looking for, and of course bought stuff for the kiddos too!

at Target with her boyfriend
being silly together at the food court
playing in the yard together

My Race:

at the starting line of the Lilac 10K

This was my first 10K race. I've been running 6 miles pretty regularly for the past 3 months, but it was the first time I was doing it competitively. I was also running with a good friend from high school, who is a far faster runner than I am, but kept insisting that she wanted to stay with me & take it easy. The run was extremely pleasant because we chatted with one another the entire time, which made it go by quickly. The course was beautiful & a lot of it was on streets that I run regularly so it made it feel very "normal" to me. The last mile is a gradual uphill though & I really started to feel like I was going to die (note to self: more hills!) but I didn't want to embarrass myself by walking. So, I kept going & finished at 1:00:28. I was pissed that I didn't finish in under an hour, but there's always next year. As both Eric & my Nike+ app reminded me, it was a PR and I can always improve for the next one.

The best part of the whole thing is that it felt so insanely routine to be running 6 miles on teh weekend. My legs aren't aching and I didn't want to sleep the rest of the day. It just felt normal. I LOVE THAT RUNNING 6 MILES IS NORMAL FOR ME! I could not have said that 6 months ago.

Shopping with Grandma Nancy:

Once I got home from the race, I showered and then we headed out to have lunch and do some shopping at a local plaza. Nancy doesn't get to spend a lot of 1:1 time with Ella, so she was in seventh heaven all day long. We ate lunch at The Food Bar, had ice cream at Cold Stone, and did some shopping at TJ Maxx & Carter's. The best part of the day was that the weather was gorgeous, so we got to eat outside on the patio, which is the definition of summer in my book.

trying watermelon & cantelope for the first time!

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