Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Tip on Summer Layering

While I was reading Follow the Ruels the other day, I saw Lindsey mention that she feels like she hasn't mastered the art of layering a sweater & button down combo. I completely agree with her... it's a lot of fuss all day long. For instance, when I wore this on Easter...

But with summer comes less fuss and summer layering is something I've mastered. I am a pro at layering tanks. I'm cocky about it, and it's all because I have a secret to share...

This is what I'm wearing today....

Looking at this picture, you'd probably assume I'm wearing two tank tops - stripes on top with solid black underneath. Wrong. I am only wearing one tank top and have it paired with a little item that I came across while I was pregnant - the Belly Band.

The Belly Band is actually designed for women who are in the early stages of pregnancy and aren't ready to buy maternity pants yet. It lets you wear your pants unbuttoned without worrying about the possibility of embarrassing situations. However, I found the Belly Band to be most helpful after pregnancy, when I was slowly shrinking but couldn't quite fit into my normal clothes yet. As I continued to shrink, I didn't really need it, but it was so handy that I never stopped using it.

So today, as unpregnant as possible, I am wearing it. This is what it looks like under my shirt.

I know... super flattering photo.
It is so comfortable & eliminates all of the issues that I normally have layering racerback tanks! They come in white, black, and nude - and yes I own one in every color! So if you want to layer throughout the summer without the bulk of multiple tanks/tees, go out & get one!

Please Note: If you order this & are not pregnant, make sure that your husband/significant other does not see the packaging. It may cause panic attacks.


  1. That is so clever! You have every right to be cocky about your layering ability -- you're a pro! I might have to do this. Wearing more than one tank top is sooo hot(even without the sleeves)when it's 90+ degrees outside.

  2. So cute!! I love colored denim and layered tanks!

  3. You're so funny! I must get this belly band when I'm pregnant!
    p.s. I'm coming from Olive & Ivy! :)

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