Friday, April 5, 2013

Rewind & Fast Forward

Last week I was stalking Twitter, when I stumbled upon a tweet from Taylor at Confessions of a Busy Busy Bee.

She was basically wishing her life away... a mistake of many the youth. (Yes, she's a youth. I, at 25, am an old lady.) I felt that I needed to caution her - do not wish away your early 20's! So, I sent her a tweet & about 10 e-mails later these posts came about. All of the things I wish I could do over. Today, Taylor is going to share everything that she can't wait for and I will share all of the things that I wish I could do over.

I often find myself wondering where the fast forward button is on life. If I can fast forward through recordings of people's life on tv, why can't I just fast forward on my own? Yes, I know that I'm in college, and I know that you only live once, that this is the best time of your life, and that you'll regret the things you always wanted to do but never did. But, what if I told you that I've already had enough YOLO experiences to last a lifetime, I've been having the time of my life, and that I have done almost everything on my college bucket list?

I have honestly loved every minute of college! Going to a big university was definitely what I needed after growing up in a small town, and I have made true friends and memories that will last forever. But now, I'm just so ready for graduation and this chapter of my life to be over. I want to fast forward to:

  1. ... a full time job! I'm so over being a full time student. I've always dreamed of having a big girl job. For real, I can't wait to wake up early in the mornings and not have to listen to a professor talk on and on about something I have no interest in. Even if it's listening to my boss talk on and on about something I have no interest in, at least I'll be getting paid to go through the motions! I can't wait to stock my closet full of business suits and actually have important business to attend to. I'll be honest here, I actually have dreams about being a working lady in the business world. The dreams are so real to me that only makes me want to fast forward more once I wake up and realize that unfortunately, I'm still stuck in school.
  2. ... seeing my sweetie every single day! For the entire time that we've been dating, we've both been living in different towns that are at least an hour and a half apart. Having a long distance relationship has been the worst part about college. When you just miss someone so much that it hurts, all you want to do is be with them every day. And it really doesn't help when I see how happy couples are together at places all over campus. I just want to be with the one I love, too! As soon as I get done with my last class ever, it's adios for good Champaign!
  3. ... turning my Pinterest wedding dreams into a reality! This one's pretty crystal clear. I mean I spend probably like 75% of my free time looking at all things wedding related online. Jerrod's doing the right thing by my parents and waiting until he proposes. But let's be honest, we already know that I'm going to say yes. And we already know that I have like 99.9% of our wedding day planned. Don't believe me? Check out my board here: ❤ D O.
  4.  ... having a permanent home! I'm so over apartment living. I'm tired of staring at these drabby, white walls. I just want to paint the walls, people! I need some color in my life and a place to call my own. Ever since I got addicted to watching HGTV, I've been dreaming of building a house and what it will look like. Best news? The boyfriend and his dad can build houses. Even better news? The boyfriend promised to make my dream come true. If we stay in the area that we grew up in, we already have the perfect lot to build on. :)
  5. ... and then comes the baby in the baby carriage! My biological clock has kicked in and I have the baby fever. Just the thought of mini Jerrod's or Taylor's running around completely warms my heart. I don't think that I even need to describe why I'm desperately ready for this one.
I'm beyond ready to spend the rest of my life with the man I love, and I'm growing very impatient waiting for my life to actually begin!

Oh to be young & carefree again. A baby changes everything. People tell you that, but you don't fully comprehend it until you actually have one. Don't get me wrong, Ella is the joy in my life. I adore her & wouldn't trade anything for the life that I have with her. Seriously, that peanut is my sunshine. But sometimes being a mom is overwhelming, and you can't help but reminisce about the good ol' days. If only I could rewind...
  1. I would travel.
    Eric & I should have done more traveling before we decided to have Ella. Traveling is hard work when you have a baby in tow. I just prepped fora 4 day weekend trip like I was going on a month long excursion. Sure, we went to Miami, Vegas, & Cancun before baby... but we should've gone more places. We should have gone abroad & saw Europe. We should've taken spontaneous trips to New York, Philly, and Pitt to see friends. I should have gotten my passport stamped!   
  2. I would party like a rockstar.
    I actually did party like a rockstar. Eric lived in a frat house & we had some WILD parties. We'd dress up in costume, take shots of Rumpleminz, pass out, and sleep until noon. I miss that. Our friends were family and there was never a boring minute. We took a trip to Lake Placid with these friends, and mama's still got it. But... it just doesn't happen as often as it used to.
  3. I would wear high heels.
    I went to college in the days of Crocs & Uggs. Certianly not the most polished fashion choices... I should've learned to wear heels. If I was young again, I'd take the time to learn to walk in them without spraining an ankle. I can rock 2 inch heels on my boots, but now that I'm a mom, I spend most of my time in flats. Ella is about 3 months away from walking, and I doubt that will be the best time to start wearing them. So, I think I've missed my chance on this one. Oh well... I rock flats like it's my job.
  4. I would spend time alone.
    When Eric & I first lived together, he worked at a pizza place. That meant that at least two nights a week he'd be gone from 5 to 11. I could run errands. I could go to the gym. I was free to watch whatever t.v. I chose to. I didn't have to answer to anyone. It was glorious. I wish I had cherished that alone time and whined less about his work schedule.
  5. I would save money.
    The one serious thing that I really wish I could rewind is my finances. I could have been saving up so much money when I was younger! I didn't need even have of the items I purchased. (Dell Mini Netbook? Yeah, it sits in my desk drawer because I got this thing called an iPad less than a year later.) I should have saved & paid off as much debt as possible. Of course, that isn't nearly as much fun as shopping - but I'd probably have a house by now if I'd done it.

So, we want to know what you would do if your life was like a remote.
Would you press rewind or would you press fast forward?

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  1. I am much older than you guys (in fact, I've been married about as long as Taylor has been alive!), so perhaps my perspective is skewed ... but here are a few thoughts:

    For you:
    - You are still young, and will have time ahead to do these things. Ella consumes everything now, but in a few short years you will have more time to yourself. Time to wear heels or get alone time, and so on. Just remember this list - and also allow Eric to 'be a dad' and don't ever think you need to be there for everything.

    For Taylor:
    - In General ... S L O W D O W N !!!

    More specifically ...
    - you will replace listening to a professor to listening to a boss/manager/team leader/co-worker go on about something you have no interest in. Every day. Many times a day. Until you retire. And that is even if you LOVE your work like I do!
    - SLOW DOWN on the relationship stuff - you are still in school, haven't been in real proximity with your boyfriend, and yet you are already planning the path your kids will take. I HOPE everything works as you envision, but for too many kids it doesn't - because they go too fast and ignore reality.
    - You need to get out of school, get a job somewhere, and re-start your relationship with your boyfriend in proximity. Remember what made you care for each other, and hopefully that will grow.
    - I am sorry to sound preachy, but the two of you need to be in close proximity for a while before getting to the wedding/house/babies thing. Again, I hope it all works out ... but reading your stuff reminds me more of a high school kid talking about 'the love of my life ... I'll follow him anywhere' than a mature responsible adult preparing for the rest of her life. Again, sorry to be blunt.
    - Ask yourself -why the rush? Look at the stuff Bri wrote, and realize that she DOES have a great life with loving husband and cute baby, but would still love more time before it all got rolling. My wife and I were together for a few years before getting married, and nearly five years married before our first child (my wife turned 31 two days before he was born). We traveled, shopped, and just thoroughly LOVED each other, so that now we have such a solid friendship at the base of our relationship that as our kids are teens we now are loving the time alone.

    Just some thoughts ...