Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's the Final Countdown

I really hope you read this & immediately started singing the techno notes that follow... I know I was, and who doesn't need a little song to perk them up on a Tuesday morning? This girl certainly does!

This is my final week of half marathon training! I am simultaneously excited and overwhelmed. I have to pack, which means laundry. I have to keep training, which means I have to carve out gym time. I have to eat healthier than normal, which meant grocery shopping. Oh, and remember how we bought a house? Yeah, we had a home inspection last night & have an appointment with the bank tonight. WE. ARE. CRAZY. BUSY. When I get overwhelmed, I make lists. Here are the top 5 items on my to-do list for half-marathon week...

1 - Make It To The Gym Everyday
I'm tapering down my workouts this week, but I still need to get in my sweat sessions for mental well being. I'm mainly focusing on cross training & weight lifting for my arms. I was able to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical with 15 minutes of toning yesterday. Today I'm aiming for 45 minutes on the elliptical. I'm going to run 3 miles on Wednesday, then head back to the elliptical on Thursday. I'll rest on Friday as I drive down to DC!

2 - Get All House Affairs Settled
This probably isn't going to happen, but we'll do our best. We had our home inspection last night & we're now in the process of negotiating a credit. Plus, I'm sure we'll have "homework" from the bank tonight as well. I'm just going to keep plugging through it, then look at this weekend as a vacation from it.

3 - Eat Healthy
This is going to be hard for me, because I usually eat the worst when I'm stressed. I'm increasing my fruit/veggie intake and staying away from fried food. I'm also chugging water like it's my job... like gallons of it every day.

4 - Sleep
I do not want to be sleepy going into this, so I'm making 8 hours per night a priority. Luckily, Eric & Ella are supporting me on this one and have agreed to let me sleep. (Not kidding, Ella didn't wake up once last night! Miracle!)

5 - Plan Out Our Route
Parking in DC is crazy expensive. Our hotel wanted us to pay $40 per night, per car. Not happening! Luckily, my mom has some connections and we're able to safely leave our car in Baltimore for free. It's going to mean more planning though, because we now have to coordinate our arrival in Baltimore with my parents so that we can hitch a ride into DC with them.

And of course, there's the Ella factor. She's recently decided that she hates her carseat and I know that we're going to have to make plenty of pitstops for her. We might end up leaving at 3 a.m. to accomodate her...

This was only a 3 hour ride & she was ticked!

Does anyone have any advice for traveling with a 9 month old? I'm looking for all the help I can get!


  1. So excited for your race! I can't wait to hear how it goes!
    I'm shooting for my first one this upcoming September

  2. Just wish I could give you some advice on that traveling situation, but.... Lol. So excited to hear about your race this weekend and beyond excited about your new adventures as home owners!!

  3. You're running a marathon! Awesome! Love this and all your posts - referred by Olive & Ivy.