Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Score Deals... Courtesy of a Self Professed Shopaholic

I make it no secret on this blog that I love to shop. It is rare that I come across someone who loves it just as much as I do, and who spends just as much time online shopping as me. I've never met a person who outshops me... until I came across Lindsey. She is a rockstar shopper and has taught me a few tips for scroing a sweet deal. Since I like you guys, and she likes me, she's agreed to share her wisdom with us today!

Hey guys! I’m Lindsey and the handsome devil to my right ismy fiancĂ©, B. I started my little blog, Follow the Ruels, right after B and I got engaged, over Memorial Day weekend last year. It originally started as a way for me todocument my wedding planning journey as well as some of my other hobbies. Like shopping. 

It is no secret that this girl (me) loves to shop. Of course, this is a trait that I inherited from my mother. The one thing she always taught me never to buy anything unless it is on sale. I mean, just about everything goes on sale eventually!

Over the years I have developed a few tricks and found a few tools to help me find the best deals, and Bri has asked if I would share some of those with you guys!

My Hukkster Page
Lately, I have been utilizing two new websites, Hukkster and Shelf that will actually track your favorite items and let you know when the price drops. If you want to know more about them, you can read my post about them here

Another website that everyone needs to check before they buy anything online is Retail Me Not. Do you ever want to buy something online and wonder if there is some sort of deal that you are not aware of? I never make any online purchases before checking Retail Me Not to see if I can at least get free shipping.

If you do most of your shopping at a particular store, for me its Gap or Loft, it might make sense to sign up for their emails. I know they can be kind of annoying, but you will be the first to know when they are having a sale. If, like me, seeing those emails everyday might actually make you spend more money, then set up a filter in your inbox that automatically moves those emails into their own folder. That way, when you are in the mood to shop, you can check your folder to see if there is any deal going on.

One other thing I keep in mind when I am shopping is what time of the season is it. Most retailers release new items every 6 to 8 weeks. Before a new season or release they will probably have a promotion to clear inventory. Also there are times throughout the year where you can get the best deals. Think after Christmas, tax season (everyone has a refund check), back to school, and of course Black Friday.

Cardigan Empire

I also found this awesome chart that lists a schedule of markdowns to some favorite stores over on Cardigan Empire.

Last trick to finding a good deal is to check out your local discount stores and don't be afraid to do a little digging. My favorites are TJ Maxx and Marshall's. If you happen to live in Phoenix or visit Phoenix, you need to visit Last Chance. Trust me. At stores like this you will be able to find some nice, sometimes designer clothes, at a great price!

Happy shopping!!

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  1. Great! More excuses to spend money ;) Just kidding! These are helpful tips!