Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 2 at the Zoo!

Ella had us all up bright & early on Saturday... she must have been really excited about the zoo. I tried to explain that we didn't have to be up at 5 a.m. because it didn't open until 10 a.m. - but she wasn't listening, so I just gave up. It was quite the production getting all of us showered, dressed, and out the door in our small hotel room. We were on our way by 8:30 though and our first stop was Starbucks. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I was so excited that they had Trenta sized iced tea. The largest we have in Rochester is Venti & I was in serious need of caffeine.

We headed towards the metro & finangled the stroller down the escalator. I really don't know how city moms do it. Eric & I were exhausted dealing with the stroller & escalators & elevators all day long. It makes you really appreciate your car's trunk after you've dealt with that for a weekend!

Once we made it to the zoo, Ella decided to take a nap! So, we strolled through the less exciting exhibits while she snoozed. When she woke up after what seemed like an eternity - we went to see Pandas & Elephants on the Asian Trail.

To be honest, she wasn't all that impressed. It wasn't until we got to the bird house (which I almost skipped because I don't really like birds all that much) that she got into it. She was FASCINATED by the flamingos! Like, we stood there for 15 minutes while she was entranced by them.

We finally left the flamingos & headed for the gorilla exhibit, where we met one of Eric's college roommates! Brian lives in Frederick, MD - so he drove in to meet us and see Ella. Brian & I were very close when they lived together, so I was very excited to see him. He brought his girlfriend with him as well and she was a pleasure!

After the gorillas & the octopi we decided to leave the zoo and grab beers lunch. We chose a neighborhood restaurant & the food was mediocre. But, they had the draft on tv's outside & I got to relax in the warm weather with friends.

Our original plan was to go back to our hotel after the zoo, but we got distracted by the race setup that had suddenly appeared once we got off the metro. The tents were going up & we started wandering around. That took us towards the mall & the monuments - so we just kept going. That was a mistake for me - I really should've taken a break and switched my shoes, but lesson learned.

one of the tents set up on Pennsylvania Ave.

Ella slept through the monuments & I got some sun while strolling through them. I'd never seen the World War II monument and was absolutely blown away by it. If you haven't been to see it, you really should. It is beautiful. There were also veterans from Honor Flight visiting, which just made it an even more moving experience.

Our final stop of the day was Capital City Brewing Co. This was Eric's one request for the trip & he says that the beer was fabulous. I personally was a huge fan of the warm pretzels that they served instead of bread. They were delish & I did some serious carb loading! Since it was the night before the race, I had grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. It was very delicious & even though it sounds bland it wasn't. Ella thought it looked good too and decided to try brocolli :)

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel & I laid out all of my race gear. Then I coaxed Eric into walking to Starbucks with me so that I could get an iced tea & bagel for the morning since they weren't going to be open at 5 a.m. Once we got back from there, I passed Ella off to my parents & hit the hay.


  1. Aww Ella is such a cutie!! Can't wait for your race recap!

  2. Awww. So cute! I lived in Maryland! Where did you all travel to? DC? And I'm so happy to see how your blog is growing! So proud of you lady! <3