Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bongo Drums & Easter Eggs

This weekend we spent Easter with my in-laws... both sets of them. It was a busy weekend full of family & food!

Easter #1

On Saturday, we had Easter with Eric's dad & his family. Eric has 3 step-siblings & they love all over the U.S. we never know who will be at any given holiday, but we were only missing 1 family for Easter. That made for a packed, loud, crazy house - Ella loved it!

Eric's stepbrother, Mark, couldn't get home at Christmas - so he got to open his gifts on Saturday. He got bongo drums & Ella was obsessed with them! She was either playing with them or dancing to them for over an hour - it was too cute!

Once we got the Peanut to bed, the wine started flowing & we played spoons. We couldn't do this in front of Ella because the game gets vicious. At one point, I was dragged across the table & had my hair pulled - totally normal, right?

meeting her Uncle Mark

playing bongos 

Easter #2

On Sunday, we hopped on over to spend the day with Eric's mom. She loves to cook & entertain, so dinner started out small & eventually escalated to 19 people. She makes a huge spread & has made it her mission to teach me her ways. Unfortunately, I suck at cooking, so I'm still in charge of the rolls. And when I say I'm in charge of the rolls, that means I open the Pillsbury tube & make sure they don't burn. 

Dinner was delicious & we stayed far longer than we intended. Eric was buzzed by that point, so it was  very entertaining drive home - he was singing Justin Timberlake & providing social commentary on his family - good stuff. 

this rattle was Eric's as a kid & she loved it!

eating her cheerios at dinner

wearing her bunny suit ~ another family tradition

playing with her daddy on the floor 

I hope you had an amazing Easter too! Today I'm linking up with Lisette for Just Because...


  1. What a great Easter! How cute is Ella?

  2. Ella is getting so big! Looks like she liked the bongos!

  3. SPOON! Oh my gosh our family used to play that and it is hilarious and so competitive. We haven't played in years and I think we need to bring it back. And I liked the "social commentary on family". Doesn't everyone do that? Too funny.