Monday, April 15, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go...

House hunting that is! (I don't do camo & guns... not my style.)

one of our guilty pleasure shows... yes, we know it's fake. we don't care.

On Sunday, Eric & I headed out to open houses in search of our first home. I have loved living in our rental, but it's time to move on and pay our own mortgage instead of someone else's. We're grown ups now & Ella is going to be on the move soon so she'll need an outdoor space to play in. (Can you say swing set!!)

We're looking for a 3 bedroom house, preferably with 2 baths. We need a yard that is fenced, or easily could be fenced. It also has to be in the school district that I teach in. Other than that, we're pretty open minded.

One thing that House Hunters has taught us is to look past the cosmetics of a house. Wall paper & shag carpet don't phase me. A leaky roof & shaky foundation - that is a no go. My parents have built a house and renovated another. I'm pretty knowledable about what can easily be fixed and what is going to break the bank. For example, I'm not willing to redo a kitchen or bathroom - we can't afford that type of reno on top of a mortgage.

Overall, our first day of house hunting was successful. We have a strategy in place & we're keeping an open mind. I'm hoping that we aren't one of those couples that looks at over 300 houses, but who knows...

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  1. I miss the days of house hunting, hubs and I really enjoyed it. Until it came time for negotiations!

    Do you watch love it or list it, it's our new fav HGTV show!

  2. I don't do the camo & guns either! Best of luck!!

  3. I used to hate that show, but now that I'm at the age where I am considering buying a house I love it!