Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 Weeks To Go

I just woke up in a panic as I realized that two weeks from now I'll be in DC running my first half marathon! Three weeks to go was an eye opener, but two weeks is panic inducing.

I spent last night with good friends that just finished their first races in March. As we chatted about training, they reassured me that I will do fine. My goal is to finish under 2:30 but they both think I'll finish under 2:15. Let's hope they're right because that would be amazing!

Speaking of training, I did a 7 mile training run on Friday night. 7 miles doesn't bother me anymore, but this the first long run that I've been able to do outside. I did my first 4 miles with Charlie & kept having to stop for him, so I couldn't gauge my pace as accurately as I'd have liked. Once I dropped him off though, I stayed steady at 9:30 & my overall pace for the run was 9:39. Not too bad, but let me tell you that I am feeling that run this morning! There is such a difference in running outside versus running on a treadmill! I definitely need to be running outside as much as possible over these last two weeks & it looks like the weather might even cooperate. It's time to focus and power through these last two weeks! I'm ready!


  1. You're gonna kill it! Good luck girl!! I found that treadmill running is no comparison to the great outdoors, however I read somewhere that if you put the incline on the treadmill to a 1 it more accurately simulates running outside. Don't know if it's true or not, but it sure makes it a bit tougher :)

  2. Good that you got outside - I had no idea how important that was since I do all of my runs outdoors (yes, even when we hit -10 with -25 wind chills in January!). But my brother ran the Wineglass with me last fall and he runs mostly on crushed stone path which is soft so the paved marathon really took its tolls.

    You can do this! Also make sure you are working your nutrition plan - that was where I almost lost it on my first half!

  3. What is the ap that you are using?? I think I need to start using it!